Class Policies & Info

Zorongo Flamenco Class Policies & Info

Please review Zorongo Flamenco’s class policies below:

  • All students must complete a Student Waiver form at the studio.
  • Once classes have begun, payment is non-refundable.
  • With advanced permission, missed classes may be made up within the same session.
  • Zorongo Flamenco is not responsible for injuries sustained during class sessions or studio rentals.
  • Zorongo Flamenco reserves the right to cancel any class with fewer than 5 students.

Severe Weather Policy

Class may be canceled due to severe weather. Follow our Facebook page for information or call (612) 234-1653.

Class Attire

New to Flamenco? For your first class, don’t let what to wear keep you off the dance floor. Read our tips for proper class attire below. All are welcome!

  • Women’s Dress: Full skirt, movement-friendly top, flamenco shoes or 1 1/2” character shoes and hair pulled back from the face. Sandals, platforms, wedges, or stilettos are not advised.
  • Men’s Dress: Shirt, movement-friendly pants and flamenco boots or leather soled shoes/boots with heels.

Purchasing Character or Flamenco Shoes

  • For those new to Flamenco, purchasing character shoes may be a good option. Zorongo Flamenco recommends Grand Jeté in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • For flamenco shoes, Zorongo Flamenco recommends Menkes in New York or Senovilla in Spain.

COVID-19 Policy

Zorongo Flamenco does not require masks. However, students are welcome to wear masks, and Zorongo continues to supply one-time-use masks in the studio.

Zorongo Flamenco no longer requires proof of vaccination (for all eligible to be vaccinated). However, if mandated for licensed businesses in the city of Minneapolis or the state of Minnesota, this policy is subject to change. 

Zorongo Flamenco’s Board of Directors will continue monitoring, gathering data, and surveying students regarding COVID-19 and its status in Hennepin County and the city of Minneapolis.

For questions or more information about our COVID-19 policy, contact us.