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Bring the soul of southern Spain to your community with inspired performances by Zorongo Flamenco dancers and musicians! Book Zorongo Flamenco by emailing us or calling us today.

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre and School
3715 Minnehaha Ave, STE C
Minneapolis, MN 55406-2630

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Inspired by the convivencia period in Spanish history (711 CE – 1492 CE) when Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived together in relative harmony, choreographer Susana di Palma has created a provacative multimedia flamenco/theater work.

ConVivir interweaves flamenco, Sephardic and Arabic music, voice and dance with poetry, legend, and present day culture to suggest a compelling vision for the future.

Through this prism the audience is taken through seven dances that inspire a more compassionate world.

Flamenco on Fire

A concert of contemporary flamenco dance and music that brings the expressive and rhythmic excitement to the stage that only flamenco can. An ensemble of celebrated artists, perform selections from the flamenco repertoire that range from the most jondo or deep, to the most lively and romantic.

Company members provide community outreach and educational experiences through classes, workshops, and special youth performances which enrich the lives of audiences of all ages

Café Flamenco

Celebrate the exotic and sultry ambiance of the early 1900’s in Spain known as “Café Cantante” when flamenco dancers, singers, and musicians performed for glamorous patrons in cabarets!

An evening of traditional Spanish Flamenco dance and music includes 3-4 dancers, a guitarist, and singer, and runs approximately 70 minutes.

A variety of workshops are available in conjunction with this performance. Zorongo performers are happy to conduct dance, singing, and guitar residencies from one hour to one week. Classes can be taught in Spanish or English.

Tra Ti Ti Tran Tran Toro

Tra Ti Ti Tran Tran Toro is a multimedia flamenco puppet theater treat for the family! Through traditional flamenco song and dance, you’re introduced to Torito (a bull) whose owner is a famous flamenco dancer named Carmencita. At the Feria (a fair) in Sevilla, Carmencita meets a Minnesota tourist, Olie Olson Olé. They fall in love, marry, and move to Olie’s farm in Minnesota.

Children will be introduced to the basic elements of flamenco dance, rhythm, and song while gaining an appreciation of what it means to immigrate to a new country.

Running time is approximately one hour.

Educational Programs

Zorongo is now accepting bookings for community performances, festivals, corporate events, school performances and workshops/residencies (K-12 and post secondary), and private gatherings. Zorongo will “heat up” your next event with fiery performances that will thrill your audiences. If you’re looking for a way to involve your audience, consider adding a lively social event with tapas, wine, and flamenco music and dance for everybody. We’ll show you how!