Covid-19 Statement

Under the current state mandate, the Zorongo studio’s capacity is a maximum of seven people, including the instructor, based on square footage and socially distancing. We are currently offering private and semi-private classes in-studio and via Zoom. For more information, please email Susana at

Are you interested in-studio group classes (maximum of six students)? Email Michael at, and let him know which classes you have attended in the past or skill level.

Zorongo Flamenco has developed a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the pandemic. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our studio and communities, and that requires full cooperation among everyone who uses the studio. Click here to read our complete plan.

The learning experience with Zorongo is an adventure into the physically dynamic and emotionally expressive world of Spanish dance and music. Everyone is welcome!

The Zorongo school is dedicated to teaching students the art of flamenco dance that honors the Spanish traditional art form. It which includes live flamenco guitar, stresses the structure of dances with flamenco cante (song) and encourages each student to perform basic dance techniques – taconeo (footwork), braceo (arms and upper body alignment), vueltas (turns), palmas (handclapping), and compas (rhythm structures). Each student is encouraged to share in the beauty and expressiveness of this powerful art form. Whether as a hobby, social outlet, or professional performer, our teachers are here to guide you on your flamenco journey.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, September 12 & 13, 2020

BELÉN MAYA Zoom Workshop

12:30 p.m. (60-Minutes plus 10-Minutes Q&A)

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

$15 one day or $25 for both days REGISTER

“Belén is spectacular! Maya has forged a new direction within the genre of flamenco” – Dance Insider

Zorongo welcomes the return of Belén Maya! Live from Sevilla, Spain, Belén will teach two traditional flamenco choreography workshops. These one-hour classes via Zoom include a 10-minute post-class Q&A with Belén.


Belén Maya is the daughter of two great flamenco artists, Carmen Mora and Mario Maya. She started her dance training at a young age at the famous Amor de Dios Flamenco Academy in Madrid. She was trained by some of the best – Paco Fernández, María Magdalena, Goyo Montero, Rosa Naranjo, Carmen Cortés, and Paco Romero among others. Transparent and in balance with tradition, Belén has perfected her technique and expression to become the best female flamenco dancer in Spain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to study with one of the most important flamenco artists in the world.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Additional funding provided by,


Past Class Offerings

PALOMITAS children ages 5-7


Instructor: Susana di Palma

The Palomitas class is for students ages five to seven. No prior dance experience necessary. Children will have fun learning flamenco rhythms and movements while meeting new friends and experiencing the Spanish culture!

PALOMAS children ages 7-12


Instructor: Susana di Palma

Palomas will work on a dance called bulerías, a 12-count dance at the core of flamenco culture. This class is for children who have taken some dance in the past. We’ll incorporate traditional footwork and movement in the choreography, while also trying improvisation. Classes will be taught in English and Spanish, and learn about the history of flamenco.



Instructor: Colette Illarde

Structured for those with limited mobility, balance issues, or other disabilities. Classes are taken seated or standing (adaptations made) and designed for every student to have an authentic flamenco experience. Students are led through locomotor and non-locomotor movement combinations, and they connect to flamenco music, execute choreographies, enjoy improvisation, and organic expression. The rhythm and exercises are invigorating, while games and stories keep the class fun and challenging. Students appreciate engaging and promoting community, celebrating flamenco culture, and gaining greater health and well being.

Flamenco Fun


Instructor A.J. Frenzel

Mixed level technique and variations exploring the foundations of flamenco. Every class offers something old, something new, something for fun, and something for YOU. Guaranteed fun!



Instructor Susana di Palma

New students learn basic flamenco techniques – arms, turns, footwork and palmas (handclapping) – in the flamenco piece “palo,” por Tangos. This class is a fun immersion into the world of flamenco dance and music.



Instructor Susana di Palma

This class is challenging, where students will drill technique exercises and focus on arms, feet, turns, and “remates.” The class is fast-paced and will help the student to build stamina along with encouraging each student to discover their own expression. We will work on variations of various “palos.”



Instructor Susana di Palma

Learn choreography from a master instructor.

Private & Duet Lessons

Recommended for those who want to work their technique and enhance their skills in a more personal atmosphere, and also for coaching or choreography of individual dances. One-on-one private instruction is available for all students. Have you missed classes or feel behind? Private lessons are a great way to catch up. For more information email Artistic Director Susana di Palma

All Students

All students must complete a Student Waiver form. Bring the form to your first day of class. Waiver forms are also available at the studio.


Class Policies:

  • Once classes have begun, payment is non-refundable
  • With advanced permission, missed classes may be made up within the same session
  • Zorongo Flamenco is not responsible for injuries sustained during class sessions or rentals
  • Zorongo reserves the right to cancel any class with fewer than 5 students
  • Women’s Dress: full skirt, movement-friendly top, flamenco shoes or 1 1/2” character shoes and hair pulled back from the face
  • Men’s Dress: Shirt, movement-friendly pants and flamenco boots or leather soled shoes/boots with heels
  • Beginners may start with your own shoes with sturdy 1.5”-2.5” heels (no sandals, platforms, wedges, or stillettos)
  • Severe Weather Policy: Class may be canceled due to severe weather. Follow our Facebook page for information or call (612) 234-1653 during business hours

For character shoes (new students), Zorongo recommends Grand Jeté in St. Paul, Minnesota.

For flamenco shoes, Zorongo recommends Menkes in New York, New York. Brand new to Flamenco? For your first class, don’t let what to wear keep you off the dance floor. Come as you are. Everyone is welcome.

About the Teachers

  • Susana di Palma

    Master Teacher / Choreographer / Dancer / Artistic Director

  • Colette Illarde

    Instructor / Dancer

  • AJ Frenzel

    Instructor / Dancer


  • Jenna Laffin

    Instructor / Dancer